How to Make Green Slime

Have you ever wondered how to make that green slime made famous by Nickelodeon shows from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s? Lucky for you it is easy!

Step 1:: Corn Flour

I needed to make a large amount of slime so I bought several bags of corn floor, but you can assume one pound of corn flour will make about a half-gallon of slime. I like Maseca Corn Flour.

Step 2:: Green Food Coloring

I recommend using a concentrated paste, rather than typical food coloring because you will get a deeper color by adding just a small amount. A little bit goes a loooong way – half of a teaspoon will create a rich green color when added to a one pound bag of corn flour. I like Wilton Icing Colors.

Step 3:: Add Water and Mix

Pour the corn flour into a large bowl and add water. Start by putting in about six cups of water per one pound bag of corn flour and continue to add more as necessary. If you want runnier slime, use more cups of water. Then add the food coloring to the blend and use your hands to mix the three ingredients (don’t worry, the food coloring quickly washes away with soap and water).

Step 4:: Green Slime!

After putting a little elbow grease into mixing the three components, you will soon have the perfect a goo-like concoction that will create hours of slime-time fun!


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